The barony of Slateridge. It lies to the West of the Bitterroot mountains, and spans from the marsh in the South, up to the edge of the King's land, in which the massive, sprawling city of Black Beach Harbour. The Western edge reaches the neighbouring barony of Thornegrove.

In these lands, find thick, soupy marsh to the south, with its forests filled with the likes of Treants, Lizardfolk, and other creatures of dark marsh forests. In the Southern Dry forests, find Orc camps, wolf dens, and many a dangerous creature, deep in the woods, past where any traveling merchant would wander.

In the lakes of the land, several settlements of aquatic creatures and humanoids, preferring to remain undisturbed by humans and the people of the big cities and towns. 

Finally, to the East, the Bitteroot mountains, named after the famous bitter plants that are native to the area, which possess interesting qualities, and are often sought out by Dwarven alchemists, lies several clans of Dwarves, as well as numerous other creatures, deep in the caves beneath the mountains, throughout the mountains themselves, as well as on the slopes.



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